Here are just a few things our team can offer you:

  • Strong representation with the leading U.S. Specialty Food Distributor, KeHE Distributors
  • Distributor & Retailer Headquarters Calls
  • Promotional Planning
  • Regional Support
  • Retail Analysis

Senior Management
Our Senior Management partners are directly responsible for maintaining business relationships between our Principals, Distributors and Retailers. All sales, promotions, marketing and meetings within and outside our company are worked through these very competent and experienced individuals.

  • Todd Milkovich
    - President
  • Tim Decker
    - Senior Director
  • Sean Porter
    - Vice President of Sales

Territory Managers
Territory Managers are directed by Senior Management , and communicate with our local distributor contacts, retailers, and principals. Their responsibilities are to visit local retail accounts, assist in promotion implementation, local merchandising resets ,store checks, new item presentations, and other regional sales marketing programs.

Retail Analyst
Our manufacturer's have the benefit of utilizing our Retail Analyst to evaluate Industry Reports. EFRC will construct strategies to identify and place your core items, and increase your distribution at retail.

Office Staff
Our office staff provides complete sales, marketing, and administrative support to our principals, distributors & EFRC sales team. Our organization can be counted on to obtain information for our principals and distributors at any time.